DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter Offerte a soli 848.43€!

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DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter Offerte a soli 848.43€!

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Clicca qui per usufruire subito dell’offerta su DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC Quadcopter del 18/03/2018 al vantaggioso prezzo di 848.43€!
Batteria da 3830mAh, e quindi un notevolissimo tempo di utilizzo, rende DJI Mavic Pro Mini RC uno tra i migliori offerti!
Il box avrà una dimensione di 26.00 x 26.00 x 12.00 cm / 10.24 x 10.24 x 4.72 inches, pesante 1.9600 kg, contenente il prodotto di 19.80 x 8.30 x 8.30 cm / 7.8 x 3.27 x 3.27 inches, con peso di 0.7430 kg.
Cosa conterrà quindi il tuo acquisto? 1 x Aircraft ( Built-in Battery ), 1 x Transmitter, 6 x Spare Propeller, 1 x Charger, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x Connection Cable, 1 x Set of English Manuals.
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Descrizione e specifiche

As big as a bottle of water when folded, the Mavic Pro is the most portable, powerful and sophisticated UAV in DJI’s portfolio.
It boasts 7km wide video transmission system, the smallest 3-axis stabilization gimbal, the no-compromise 4K UHD camera. It can reach the speed of 18 m/s and even fly up to 27 minutes. Additionally, the redundancy of the sensor provides you with twice safer flight.

– Wonderful portability
The drone only weighs 743g and has the same size as a bottle of water when folded.
– Unprecedentedly wide transmission range
The brand new Ocusync system enables 1080P / 720P video streaming in the real time within the range of 7km.
– Long-lasting thrill
Impressively, the quadcopter moves 18 m/s and its flight can last for 27 minutes at a speed of 25 m/s ( 15.5 mph ) in no wind condition, which you’d never seen in a mini multirotor.
– Exceptional reliability
Armed with 4 vision cameras, it can detect obstacles 15m in front and avoid them while flying as quickly as 36kph ( 22 mph ). Similarly, with the sensor number doubled, the flight is twice safer than any other drone.
– Precise positioning
The Mavic Pro hovers accurately both indoors and outdoors thanks to its marvelous 3D vision positioning and GPS / GLONASS.
– Intelligent flight modes
The drone is omnipotent in offering all kinds of modes to meet your demands, such as ActiveTrack, Gesture Mode, Tripod Mode, Sport Mode and so on.
You can turn on Gesture Mode and wave at Mavic Pro to take a selfie, resort to Tripod Mode to slow down the drone indoors ( less than 1 m/s ), or even keep the drone flying at a certain altitude above the uneven roads.
– Truly flexible and immersive
In addition to Tap to Fly via your mobile devices, the drone also supports control without hands. Therefore, after putting on DJI Goggles that come with two 85 degree FOV 1080P screens, you are able to fly and see like a bird.

Folded size 198 x 83 x 83mm
Diagonal size ( excluding propellers ) 335mm
Weight ( including battery and propellers ) 1.62lbs / 734g ( excluding gimbal cover ), 1.64lbs / 743g ( including gimbal cover )
Max. ascent speed 16.4 ft/s ( 5 m/s ) in Sport mode
Max. descent speed 9.8 ft/s ( 3 m/s )
Max. speed 40 mph ( 65 kph ) in Sport Mode without wind
Max. service ceiling above sea level 16404 feet ( 5000m )
Max. f…

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